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Good Stories
To Sea with a Blind Scientist
Teaching Mathematics: One Career for the Blind
Blind People at Work
Using the Skills of Blindness on the Job
To Climb Every Mountain: The Blind Climber Planning to Stand on Top of the World

Information About Blindness Resource Page


In Touch Newsletter

Education and Development

What Can Parents Do?
Helping Your Baby to Reach Out
Baby Talk
Helpful Hints for Parents of Blind Infants and Toddlers
Cooking Madness
Is Your Child Age-Appropriate?
Advice to Parents of Partially Sighted Children

Learning to Play
How Does a Blind Child Play?
Adapting Play
Adaptive Aids, Equipment, and Toys

Children with Additional Disabilities
Resource Page
Parent Insight
Active Learning and the Blind, Multiply-Disabled Children
Early Learning Step by Step
Lilli Nielsen's Publications

Resource Page
Each Hurdle is a Chance to Soar
O&M Guidelines for Working with Jon

Your Child's Right to Read
The Whole Truth About Partial Sight
The Blind Child in the Regular Preschool
Tips for Classroom Teachers
The Blind Child in the Regular Elementary Classroom
Making Whole Language Work
Bunsen Burners and Chemical Reactions
Education Materials Resource Page
Education Information Resource Page

Books in Braille and Other Formats
Helpful Books
Helpful Videos
Advocacy and Legal Issues Resource Page


Independent Movement and Travel

Movement and Development
O&M: A Process Towards Independence
O&M: A Pediatric Perspective
A Child-Centered Approach: Common Themes in Early Years
Some Thoughts About Vision, Visual Development, and Visual Efficiency
Auditory Object Perception
Issues in O&M: Early Intervention, Preschool, Transition to Kindergarten

Independent Movement for Kids
Rights, Roles, and Responsibilities
Valuing the Blind Child's Independent Movement and Travel
Parents: Blind Child's First Mobility Teachers
How Can My Child Get Around Alone?
A Cane in Our Lives

Cane Tips
Considerations for Cane Travel
The Long Cane

Independent Travel
Mobility: Whose Responsibility Is It?
Beyond City Sidewalks


Sports, Games and Leisure Time

Movement, Sports and Games
Suggested Adapted Activities
Young or Multiply-Disabled Blind Children: Suggested Activities
Phys Ed and Recreation for the Visually Impaired: General Considerations
Phys Ed and Recreation Resource Page
Blind Kids Love Sports, Too
Look Who's Skiing

Audio Description

Summer Programs
Resource Page
The Summer of Independence

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