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Think Possibilities

Welcome to the Blind Children's Resource CenterWelcome to the Blind Children's Resource Center! The Blind Children's Resource Center is dedicated to the idea that blind/visually impaired children can grow up to become productive, fully functioning, independent members of society. To do this, they need normal expectations for their development, high quality training in the skills of blindness, and exposure to healthy, positive attitudes about blindness and the abilities of blind/visually impaired people. We are also dedicated to providing ideas, assistance, and information that will help blind/VI children with developmental delays and additional disabilities reach their potential.

The Blind Children's Resource Center wants parents and teachers to learn how blind/VI people accomplish tasks without or with limited eyesight; how blind/VI children can use simple adaptations to become full participants at home, at school, and in the community; and how we can create stimulating environments that encourage children with additional disabilities to be active participants in the world.

What does it actually mean to be blind? Does it mean a person can't see or can't see well? Does it mean limitations—a person can't do this or can't do that? We'd like to propose a skills definition of blindness: blindness means using alternative skills, methods, and tools to get the job done. We believe the key is skills. With the alternative skills of blindness, a child will be able to accomplish tasks without frustration and with success.

It is up to the adults in the blind child's life to provide the expectation for success and the training and opportunity to practice the skills. Before you know it, the child will have high expectations for him/herself and, when faced with a new or challenging situation, will know to ask, what skills do I need to learn in order to accomplish this task?

We hope that at the Blind Children's Resource Center site you'll find the information you need to get you and your child off to a good start. And remember, don't think limits—think possibilities!



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